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Subjective pronouns
I أنا (ana)
you انتَ (anta)male
انتِ (anti)female
he هو (howwa)
she هي (heyya)
it hadha
we نحن (nahnu)
they هما (humaa)
what ماذا madha
who min aldhaa
Objective pronouns
me ana
him lah
her laha
it hadha
us lana
you أنتما (antuma)
them maeahum
whom min
Possessive Pronouns
mine alkhasu bi
yours khasatan bik
his lah
hers laha
ours lana
theirs lahum
Possessive Adjectives / Pronominal Adjectives
my li
your k
our lana
her laha
his lah
their hum
Demonstrative Pronouns
this hadhih
that ana
these hwla
those uwlayik
Relative Pronouns
who min aldhaa
whom min
whose malik min
which alty
that ana
what madha
whatever 'ayaan kan
whoever min
whomever liman
whichever ayama
Reflexive Intensive Pronouns
myself nafsi
yourself nafsak
himself nafsih
herself nafsiha
itself bihadi dhatiha
ourselves anfusina
themselves anfusihim
Reciprocal Pronouns
Each other bedhm albaed
one another wahid akhar
anybody 'ayi shakhs
everybody aljamie
nobody la 'ahad
somebody shakhs ma
anyone ay wahid
everyone kl wahid
no one la 'ahad
someone shakhsaan ma
anything aa sha
everything kl shaa'
something shayyanaan ma
nothing la shayy
either imma
neither la hdha wala dhak
less aqala
little qalil
much kthyr
each kl
each one kl wahid
other akhar
another akhar
Enough kafia
everywhere fi kl makan
somewhere makan ma
anywhere fi 'aa makan
nowhere la makan
both ealaa hadin swa
few qalil
many kthyr
others alakhirin
several aledyd min
INDEFINITE PRONOUNS ( Singular or Plural )
all alkulu
any 'aya
more 'akthar min
none la shay'
most eazam
some bed
such hadhih
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